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February: Love is in the Air with Mentorship!

Mentorship is the fuel that drives our LADYS Program. What better way to celebrate mentorship

than by looking into the beauty of the personal experiences of our wonderful mentors and mentees?

Our dear mentor, and Hermana, Adriana Suarez kindly shares with you the following testimony:

“These past couple of months have taught me a lot about what it means to be a mentor and what it

is like to be part of a young girl's life. As an only child, I never knew what it was like to have a little

sister and have someone younger look up to me. Being a mentor has been a great experience

because it has taught me to be aware of my words and actions and the effect it has on my

relationship with my mentee, Paola. I have learned to be a better listener by using active listening

techniques. I am very happy that Paola has felt comfortable with me and has shared a lot about

herself and things she is going through. I have really enjoyed getting to know Paola and her family.

Her two little brothers get excited when they see me and her parents are very attentive and

welcoming. Being a mentor for the LADYS Program - Cville has been a memorable experience and I

am really looking forward to the upcoming workshops and seeing the program and the mentees


The strong relationships and loving bonds between our mentors and mentees speak for themselves.

They are a reminder of the value and importance of mentorship.

Here Hermana Adriana (mentor) and our dear Paloma (LADY). We feel the

mentorship love!

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