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Our Community Has Thanked Us!

Photo: Fanny Smedile, Director of Sin Barreras, hugging Tammy Cavazs, former Director of the LADYS Program at our Final Ceremony in April 2016 concluding our LADYS Program - Cville 2015-2016.

The establishment of the LADYS Program - Cville began with the big help of a community partner, Sin Barreras (Without Barriers). Sin Barreras is a small Charlottesville-based non-profit that focuses on outreach to the immigrant (primarily Hispanic) community and connecting individuals to services. Sin Barreras was instrumental to our initial recruitment for our LADYS through the Church of Incarnation.

After our first workshop this past month, Fanny Smedile, Director of Sin Barreras, shared her reflection with us. We have translated it in Spanish to share with you.


I want to let you know what two of the girls told me about their first workshop. One response was that it went really well, much better from last year, her happiness showing on her face. The other girl said that their was a lot of them and that she was really happy.

For me listening to these comments brought me lots of joy. And I reminded them that last year was the first year of the program and that we recognize errors and make improvements each time. From the bottom of my heart thank you to all the women that help execute this program. You all are very special to me and occupy a piece of my heart.

A hug to each and every one of you,



We invite you to help us continue to make a difference through the LADYS Program. In the month of giving, please consider making a small donation to our program. Your generosity will make an immediate difference for our participants. Your donation will equip our young sisters with the tools for their development. Visit us here to donate.

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