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Official Kick-Off!

We have officially launched the LADYS program in Charlottesville, Virginia! We had our first workshop this past weekend in which our LADYS were officially matched with their mentors for the year. We kicked off the program with a light breakfast, an ice breaker to mingle all participants, mentor reveals, and vision boards. Each LADY is matched with a mentor who is currently a student at the University of Virginia. We have group workshops twice a month for the LADYS and mentors to interact. They will be paired for most workshops and are encouraged to keep in contact as well as meet up on their own time. For the first activity, LADYS and mentors were asked to create vision boards from magazines, construction paper, and markers to visualize their goals. This visual representation of their goals will serve as a motivational reminder of their future. In addition, LADYS were asked to write self-reflection letters to themselves which will not be read by anyone else (including the LADYS Board of Directors or the mentors). These “letters to self” will be given back to the LADYS at a later date in the program to demonstrate their personal growth during their time in the program.

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