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Academics College Prep Workshop

Our Academics College Prep Workshop served to further emphasize the importance of higher education, and preparing for the college journey. We focused on college applications because many of the mentees had not seen a college application before. This was a great learning experience for the mentees to familiarize themselves with the application process. Mentors went over important application material such as: the Common Application, personal statements essays, choosing classes wisely, taking challenging high school courses to prepare for college, the importance of participating in extracurricular activities, and the benefits of adding work experience. We were also able to expose the mentees by giving them different college essay questions as well as go over their responses. Additionally, during this workshop, the mentors and mentees reviewed the concept of a resume. Mentees were able to examine a resume example and create their own resume! Introducing our mentees to these aspects of college preparation was a very rewarding experience for the mentors.

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