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Bonding is one of the most important aspects of the LADYS Program. How could we successfully

present our LADYS with help and resources without a strong and trusting foundation in our LADY and mentor relationships? Here’s an exclusive glimpse at a couple of the beautiful bonds growing between LADYS and mentors.

Hermana Chloe Voltaire and Margartia Villacorta have enjoyed various moments with each other. Hermana Chloe shared a few. Margarita visited H. Chloe, they had fruitful conversations, H. Chloe helped Margarita on her homework, and Margarita also received H. Chloe’s help in studying for a test she had the

following day.

Additionally, H. Chloe shared how thankful she is for having been invited by Nancy to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. What a beautiful gesture! H. Chloe spent this year’s Thanksgiving with Margarita, Margartia's parents, and Margarta’s Godmother. H. Chloe enjoyed a delicious Salvadorean Thanksgiving Dinner!

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