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Workshop Two: College Jeopardy

We had an amazing time in our second workshop as we bonded and explored a very important

topic: College! We started our workshop by testing how much we have learned about each other in

the past few weeks. What better way to test our LADYS and mentors than by playing a fun game of

Two Truths and a Lie? We could tell our LADY and mentor pairs have spent great quality time


College Jeopardy was filled with questions which allowed LADYS to explore their knowledge about

preparing for college, college application process, different colleges and universities in Virginia, and

various other college related topics. This also served as the perfect opportunity for us and the

mentors to learn more about what we can do to further inform and mentor our LADYS regarding

college. Thus, it was a learning experience to everyone present. To continue the very important

topic of college, LADYS were given a homework assignment where they will bring with them a

question about applying to college.

Our next activity consisted of Thanksgiving poetry. We used the letters in the word “thanksgiving”

to name something we are thankful for, starting with each letter in “thanksgiving”. To close off our

workshop, we then continued reflecting as we all wrote a thank-you note to someone we are

gracious for.

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