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This January marks the 15th annual National Mentoring Month, and the LADYS Program Cville is participating in this campaign aimed at expanding quality mentoring opportunities to connect more of our community’s young people with caring adults by hosting a Mentorship Week through our social media accounts and pages.


There is a powerful mentoring effect demonstrated by research and the experiences of young people who are connected to a mentor in real life. Mentoring is linked to improved academic, social and economic prospects for your people, and that ultimately strengthens our community.


Research has shown that when matched through a quality mentoring program, mentors can play a powerful role in providing young people with the tools to make responsible decisions, stay focused and engaged in school, and reduce or avoid risky behavior like skipping school, drug use and other negative activities. 


This year the LADYS Program Cville is hosting a Mentorship Week starting January 17th through January 23rd, 2016 via our social media accounts. Join us on Twitter (@ladyscville), Instagram (@ladysprogramcville), and Facebook (LADYS Program – Cville) to share your thoughts, photos, experiences, and more. We encourage you to tag our accounts and use the hashtags #MentorIRL and #Empower1987. The week will follow the theme of The Mentoring Effect In Real Life.


Please see the flyer and press release for more details on our Mentorship Week.

The Board of Directors is super excited to be launching the campaign LADYS FIRST. This campaign represents the essence of what the LADYS Program stands for and the commitment this program has to its young women. 

Instilling in our young sisters the idea that their leadership, their advancement,  and their development comes FIRST.


Encouraging them to think of the choices that will be most beneficial for them and no one else. Putting themselves FIRST.


Teaching them that their safety, wellbeing, and peace of mind is to be put FIRST.


Driving home the perseverance to always follow their dreams, not their second or third dream because they don't feel like their first dream is reachable. 

The FIRST choice.


As a BOD we are dedicating our time and effort to ensure that these young women have the ability to make better choices than we did.

Essentially we’re putting them FIRST.



Please join the conversation! Hashtag #LADYSFIRST on your twitter or instagram posts!

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